Tuition Fees & Financial Services

Tuition & Fees for Medical Program

The following tuition and fees include dormitory charges for basic sciences course work. Student is not required to pay any extra fees towards living in St. Kitts

Tuition and Fees for PREMED PROGRAM per Semester

Tuition Fees per semester (Including dormitory)                             $ 3,950.00

Tuition Fees per semester (Including dormitory)                            $ 5,800.00

Tuition and Fees for BASIC SCIENCES per Semester (Includes dormitory charges


Tuition                                                                                                          $ 4,500.00

Anatomy Laboratory Fees (Semester I)                                                   $     250.00

Histology or Pathology Laboratory (Microscopes) [Semester I/ IV] $     200.00

Histology or Pathology Laboratory (Slides)                                            $       50.00

Student Administrative Fee                                                                        $      250.00

Student activity Fee (per semester)                                                           $        50.00

TOTAL TUITION AND FEES                                                             $ 5,800.00



The Clinical Science consists of five semesters (Cores and Electives) of clerkship. Each semester fee is US $ 6,000.00. An additional surcharge fee for the hospital is required during the Clinical Rotations. This surcharge is variable according to the demand of the Hospital. This amount needs to be paid in full at least 30 days before starting date of the clinical rotation. Students with an outstanding balance are not eligible to register for the next semester without paying the previous balance.

Others Fees During the Clinical Rotation


Medical Insurance                                                            US $ 300.00 – US $ 700.00

Malpractice Insurance                                                     US $ 250.00 – US $ 900.00

Graduation Fee                                                                                            US $ 500.00

Transcripts Request (The first 3 free), thereafter                                US $    10.00

Letter of reference (The first 3 free), thereafter                                   US $    10.00

N.B. The tuition and fees are subject to change at any time by the Board of Trustees without prior notice. All tuition and fees are in United States (US $) dollars


Tuition Refund Policy:   Request for withdrawal from the University must be addressed to the Academic Dean of the University and must be in writing. Effective date of withdrawal will be the date the Dean receives the hand-delivered request or the date the notice is received through the mail or other delivery system. Charges such as deposits, fees, printed material, etc. are neither prorated nor refunded. A refund shall only be given where the cause withdrawal is justified by reason emergency. The refund shall be given within 90 days’ withdrawal. In case withdrawal prior to matriculation, the University assesses and administrative charge $ 500.

The University tuition refund policy to be applied in the event a continuing student leaves the School after the beginning of the semester is as follows:

Attendance of one week or less:                                                             Refund 90%

Attendance of two weeks or less:                                                           Refund 70%

Attendance of three weeks or less:                                                        Refund 50%

Attendance of four (4) weeks or less:                                                   Refund 30%

Attendance of five (5) weeks and thereafter:                                      No Refund


Note:   To be eligible for any tuition refund, a student should contact the US administration Office. The Following Refund Policy applies for students who choose to pay the tuition fee in full by semester or yearly basis:


GENERAL FEES (description)   

Application Fee (Non-Refundable)                                                          US $   50.00

Tuition Deposit                                                                                             US $ 500.00

Anatomy Laboratory Fees (Semester I)                                                   US $ 250.00

Histology or Pathology Laboratory (Microscopes) [Semester I/ IV] US $ 200.00

Histology or Pathology Laboratory (Slides)                                            US $   50.00

Student Administrative Fee                                                                        US $ 250.00

Student activity Fee (per semester)                                                          US $   50.00

Graduation Fee for Other Programs                                                         US $ 250.00