Our Mission Statement

The goal of Burnett International University (BIU) is to provide the very best quality of education to students from around the world. The University is dedicated to provide undergraduate, graduate and continued medical education with the goal of teaching each student the skills, knowledge and aptitudes to become competent and compassionate physicians nurses an health professional and scientists who will be well-equipped to face the many challenges that medicine will bring to them in the 21st century. BIU aims to provide a balanced l education that embraces both family care and specialized medicine. These goals are continually evaluated in terms of the University nurturing education, research and health care delivery.

The mission of the Burnett International University I to provide training for the advancement of the health and  sciences to students all over the world by the year 2020.

To achieve this mission, BIU operates with the following objectives:

To present a complete and up-to-date curriculum, whose scope, presentation, and implementation will focus on the achievement of academic excellence;

To train physicians who will be sensitive to our health and social issues. To provide students with the necessary background for the healing and prevention of diseases that affect our communities;

To challenge its students to attain academic excellency and appreciate the moral-ethical aspects of medicine;

To foster the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for continued, self-directed learning and for the critical evaluation of new scientific information as it might relate to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease;

To promote a concern for interpersonal respect and professionalism.

To offer graduates an enriched environment that will encourage them to pursue their career goals.

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