About BIU

Burnett International University (BIU) offers a unique opportunity to students who wish to pursue a M.D. degree, Nursing or Engineering degree. The curriculum of Burnett International University is consistent with that offered in the United States. It is designed to prepare the students for successful completion of any international Exam such United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or (NCLEX). This University runs a graduate medical program and also providing training in other fields such as Dentistry, Nursing, Mental Health, Pharmacy, Optometry and Veterinary Schools

Burnett International University (BIU) provides education and health care services of truly global standards. The university focuses to deliver high quality, comprehensive, integrated education including innovative thoughts towards modern technology and research. Burnett International University (BIU) provides the finest to our students when it comes to learning and research along with experienced and dedicated faculty, outstanding externship facilities, that supports education. Burnett International University offer different courses including medicine, dentistry, nursing, allied sciences, biotechnology and many more.

Burnett International University (BIU) comprising of well-trained personnel provides focused education services.  We are successfully accomplishing our mission of serving the society backed by the nation’s best professionals, equals those available globally.

Burnett International University School of Medicine develops and maintains cooperation with the primary goal of improving patient safety and of promoting health in rural and underserved communities. Burnett International University School of Medicine wish to rise above the realm of therapeutic care with a new focus on preventive care, to bring health to the community.