School of Business and Administration

Overview & Academics

Welcome to the School of Business. The following information covers an overview of information regarding this department and school.



The Vision Statement of the School of Business Administration at Burnett International University is to provide the best quality education to our students, who want to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to be successful in their ongoing academic and career pursuits.

The School of Business Administration should be recognized as a student-oriented institution which places high priority on teaching and educational preparation for careers in the business world.

The School of Business Administration should be seen as a source of well-educated graduates and as a center for satisfying educational needs of their employees.

The School of Business Administration should be seen as a valuable source of information, knowledge, and research capability.

The School of Business Administration should be viewed as a willing participant in efforts to achieve the benefits of interdisciplinary cooperation.

The School of Business Administration should be recognized by all as an integral part of the infrastructure upon which the people of the Haiti and the rest of the world rely.


, Dean

Department Chair

Poitevien, Accounting

Academic Advisers

, Management

The School of Business has courses of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. It also provides curriculum leading to a Master degree. For more information, please see the section on Academics and Admissions.

Mission Statement   

Create a premier learning and research community that prepares students to be leaders in a global business environment that is multicultural, entrepreneurial, and technologically advanced. Our Haitian – International Focus Distinguishes Us.

A pioneer among Haitian business schools in international business, the School distinguishes itself through its focus on the Haitian and International region. We emphasize the development of global business skills and are dedicated to providing you a quality business education with an international focus.

Our students will be multi-ethnic and multi-cultural with a high concentration from International approach. Our faculty offers particular in-depth knowledge of International issues and practices.

As the premier business school in English language in Haiti, the School of Business Administration at Burnett International University promotes excellence in response to the needs of all stakeholders. Specifically: We offer distinguished undergraduate and graduate educational programs that are responsive to the requirements of a rapidly changing global business environment and provide our students with the competencies to succeed in this environment.

We undertake quality research and scholarships that augment faculty expertise and knowledge and that are relevant to the needs of our students and other stakeholders.

We provide our expertise and knowledge to solve problems and support economic development efforts of business, government and community organizations.

As an integral part of The Burnett International University, we draw upon the resources and knowledge of the University in enacting our mission and are guided by the Republic of Haiti and the US principles that emphasize respect for the dignity of individuals, academic integrity, and personal responsibility. These principles characterize our relationships with all stakeholders whom we consider to be: students, faculty, staff, regional businesses, national and international government organizations, the Burnett International University community and the community at large.

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