Tuition Fees & Financial Service

Tuition & Educational Service Fee

As the cost of college continues to soar, more and more students are choosing to begin their college careers at a college. Burnett International University (BIU) offers a university-caliber education at fees that are among the lowest in the Caribbean.

Here you’ll find information about the cost of attending BIU, the different types of financial services, how to apply, how to pay, and more.

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BIU offers a university-caliber education at an affordable price. Below, you’ll find information about the general cost of attendance.

Tuition Fee & Educational Service for Other Programs

 Haiti Residents $115 per credit
 US Residents $280 per credit
Non-residents/International $325 per credit


Per Semester Fees

Transportation Fee $120
Technology Fee $155
Student Service Fee $20
Books and Supplies (est.) $150 per course
Distance Learning Fee $150 per credit
CEM (Course, Equipment & Materials) Fee $250 (max $100)


Multifunctional Gymnasium

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