This website provides basic information about Burnett International University (BIU) ; courses offered, requirements for admission, a flavor of life on the campus, and the academic, and social facilities available. This should give you an overview of each program and help you recognize the benefits and advantages of studying at BIU. Each semester many students start their careers at this University. In doing so they embark upon a journey that is challenging and rewarding, and above all, they will have perspective of high ethical and social codes of behavior.

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Each program is designed to prepare students for employment as advanced cross-trained Medicine, Optometrist, Nurses, Pharmacist, Veterinarian, Civil Engineering; Architecture; Business Administration, and  by the education.

New Faculty User/Role

Burnett International University comes fully integrated with a new “Faculty” role specifically built for educational institutions. This new Faculty role provides users with the ability to add, edit, and update their profile page, courses and course information.

Adding Homework, Study Guides, and More!

We specifically built Burnett with this in mind. Faculty can add and edit any information that they find relevant for each class. So an English teacher can add the required reading for the week, a Mathematics teacher can add a study guide for the midterm, and a Biology professor can update the lab notes if something unexpected happened during an experiment. The idea is to give teachers an easy way to communicate with their students, regarding there specific class, online. To make this even easier, we’ve included a premium drag and drop page builder with front end editing abilities!

Visual Shortcodes

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to code. Having Visual Composer included means that you can quickly edit layouts and add modules to Courses, Pages, and Posts without sorting through a long list of shortcodes and approved syntax. This also includes some helpful pre-built templates and placeholder content if your in a rush or don’t know where to start. And if you need it, you can transfer content from one page to another by saving it as a new template.

Change Everything! Theme Skinning with Live-Preview

Eliminate the guesswork from customizing the theme. Built on the WP Theme Customizer API with some special tricks blended in, you can change just about every typographic or color across the entire theme… there’s no need to reload the page on the front-end though – the Theme Customizer will show you an instant preview of what your changes look like right there on the same screen.

The Next Generation of Responsive

Getting just the right blend of fluid, fixed, and intelligently collapsing layouts that don’t break didn’t just happen overnight. We’ve been one of the first crews to built responsive WP themes and we really get excited about making the mobile and tablet experience awesome for everyone!